Recent Works in Fan Studies That You Should Be Reading

Sharing a few inspiring things that are essential for research, such as the new issue of Participations and Ada.




The tenth anniversary of Participations is celebrated royally with a nice big issue of fan and audience studies, to which I also contributed. Film Studies For Free has already wished Participations a happy birthday , amongst others. Let me share the table of contents with you!

 Participations, Volume 10, Issue 1, (May 2013)


Special Section: The Fan Studies Network – new connections, new research

FSN Forum Discussion

Special Section: COST – audience interaction & participation


Yes, it’s a double issue and very thick. This is because Participations usually has two issues per year but is a very wanted open-access journal.

I’ve read nearly all of the articles from the fan studies section now and can  highly recommend them. They are not only an excellent state of the art, but they also provoke us to think about the new empirical, theoretical and methodological directions that this sub discipline and any study of audience may want to pursue to innovate.



Ada is a new open-access journals that, as a geek feminist, draws my attention every time. It’s simply gorgeous and focuses on readable essays for a wider audience, which I also consider to be its strenght. This feminist issue on game studies really resonated with me and its themes, such as the feminization of casual gamers or the incorporation of trans-characters have been widely discussed in game criticism the last few years as well. I love this and how it feeds into relevant discussions that are being held right now, but also analyzes these as a subject of feminist activism and research.

Introduction: Feminist Discourses in Games/Game Studies

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