My vision

How do loyal fans live, and why are they so invested in stories, celebrities and brands? In my studies, I look for the answer to this question. Fandom, engagement, and play make me tick. Today’s creative businesses thrive on their audiences, fans and influencers. Gaming and remixing are tools to guarantee this participation. Media and technology have amplified these phenomena, and I love teaching about this. I deal in deep insights related to media trends, and always connect the audience with the designer.

Need advice on your fan base? Want to get qualitative, data-driven insights on your audiences or users? Looking for a critical guest lecture on cosplay and character design at your game company? I am your expert in Fan Insight. I work as senior lecturer in Creative Business at HU University of Applied Sciences, where I also teach classes on media culture, technology, AI, and creative business. We have a great team of professionals and researchers, always willing to update you on the latest trends in the work field and education.

fan insight2As a consultant, I provide insights for different companies on fans and audiences. For example, I gathered insihts and added expertise to The LEGO Group (September 2020-ongoing), where I studied fan behavior, and helped formulate a typology and communication around adult fans of LEGO (AFOL).

Are you interested in connecting with your consumers and fans more? Don’t hesitate to contact me! You can read my publications here and contact me through e-mail.

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