Publications & talks

I am an active writer, researcher and cultural critic. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, amongst others. In my work, the interplay between media, technology and audiences is central. Many of my publications are open-access, and the respective links are included in this publication list.



2018 – Productive Fandom: Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. URL

2014 – Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences. (With Chauvel, A., Seymour, A.) Oxford:

2014 – Productive Fandom: Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures. Maastricht: Maastricht University Press. (Thesis version)


Peer-reviewed Publications & Edited Book Chapters

2018 – Lamerichs, N., Lange-Böhmer, A. Nguyen, D., Puerta Melguizo, M. & Radojevic, R. ‘Elite Male Bodies: The Circulation of Alt-Right Memes and Framing of Politicians on Social Media. Participations, 15 (1), pp. 180-206. URL

2018 – ‘When Production Is Over: Creating Narrative Closure in Fan Edits’. In Williams, R. (2018). Everybody Hurts: Transitions, Endings, and Resurrections in Fandom. Iowa: University of Iowa Press, pp. 139-150.

2018 – ‘Hunters, Climbers, Flaneurs: How Video Games Create and Design Tourism’. In Lundberg, C. & Ziakas, V. (2018). Handbook on Pop-Culture and Tourism. London, New York: Routledge.

2018 – ‘Cosplay and Conventions: Exporting the Digital’. In Banks: J. (2018). Avatars Assembled. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. URL

2018 – ‘Fan Fashion: Re-enacting Hunger Games through Clothing and Design’. In Booth, P. (2018). Companion to Media Fandom and Fan Studies. New York, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell. Fan Studies, pp. 150-172

2017 –  Ritteco, A., KLein, L. & Lamerichs, N. ‘Honours and (re)design of the Curriculum: How to bridge the Gap between Honours and Bachelor Programmes’. Journal of the European Honours Council, 1 (1). URL

2016 – ‘Otaku: Representations of Fans in Manga and Anime’. In: Booth, P. & Bennett, L. Seeing Fans. Chicago UP: Chicago. Google Books

2016 – ‘The Reenactment of Popular Culture. Constructing Meaning and Affect in Cosplay’. In: Dreschke, A., Huynh, I., Knipp, R. & Sittler, D. (2016). Reenactments: Medienpraktiken zwischen Wiederholung und Kreativer Aneignung. Bielefeld: Transscript Verlag, pp. 237-257. URL

2016 –  ‘A Donut For Tom Paris: Identity and Belonging at European SF/Fantasy Conventions’. In: Telotte, J. & Duchovnay, G. Science Fiction Double Feature. Chicago UP: Chicago. Google Books

2016 – Lamerichs, N., Chin, B. & Bourdaa, M. ‘The Transmedia Practices of Battlestar Galactica. Studying the Industry, Stars and Fans’. In: Hutchin, A. & Tindall, N. Public Relations and Participatory Culture. New York, London: Routledge. Google Books

2015 – ‘Euromanga: Hybrid Styles and Stories in Transcultural Manga Fandom’. In: Brienza, C. Global Manga (Working Title). Ashgate: Ashgate Publishing.  Google Books

2015 – ‘Express Yourself: An Affective Analysis of Game Cosplayers.’  In: McCallum-Stewart, E. & Enevold, J. Game Love. Jefferson: McFarland. Google Books

2015 – ‘The Remediation of the Fan Convention: Understanding the Emerging Genre of Cosplay Music Videos’. Transformative Works and Cultures, vol. 18. URL

2014 – ‘Transmedia Performances: Gender and Geek Feminism in Glee’. In: Olivieri, O. & Leurs, K. Everyday Feminist Research Praxis. Cambridge Scholars Press. Google Books.

2014 – ‘Embodied Fantasy: The Affective Space of Anime Conventions’. Reijnders, S. Duits, L. & De Zwaan, K. (2014). The Ashgate Companion to Fan Culture. London, Lund: Ashgate Publishing. Pre-print

2014 – ‘Cosplay: The Affective mediation of Fictional Bodies’. Chauvel, A.; Lamerichs, N.; Seymour, A. (2014). Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences. Oxford:, pp. 123-131.

2014 – ‘Costuming as Subculture: The Multiple Bodies in Cosplay’. Scene, 2, 1, pp. 113-125. PDF

2014 – ‘Romancing Pigeons: The Deconstruction of the Dating-Sim in Hatoful Boyfriend. Well-played: A Journal on Video Games, Value and Meaning, 3 (2). PDF

2013 – ‘The Cultural Dynamic of Doujinshi and Cosplay: Local Anime Fandom in Japan, The States and Europe’. In: Participations: Journal for Audience Studies, special issue on fandom (edited by Lucy Bennett and Tom Philips). PDF

2012 – ‘Sherlock Abroad: Dutch fans interpret the famous detective’. In: Busse K. & Stein, L. Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom. Jefferson: McFarland, pp. 179-193. Google Books

2012 – ‘The Mediation of Fandom in Karin Giphart’s Maak me blij‘. Transformative Work and Cultures, 11. URL

2012 – Selected Entries, ‘Fandom’ and ‘Pervasive Games’. In Mark J.P. Wolf (ed.) The Video Game Encyclopedia, Greenwood Press. Google Books

2011 – Stranger than Fiction: Fan Identity in Cosplay. Transformative Work and Cultures, 7. URL


Selected conference papers & keynotes

2018 – Star Wars on the Catwalk: Fan Fashion in the Age of Creative Business. Fan Studies Network Conference. University of Cardiff (01.07.2018). SLIDES

2018 – Keynote: Futures of Participation: Characters and Connections in a Fan-Centric Economy. De/Recontextualizing Characters (Winterschool). University Tübingen. (26.02.2018-02.03.2018).

2015 – From Text to Screen. Metafiction in the Webcomics Property of Hate and Homestuck. Amsterdam Comic Studies Conference. Amsterdam. SLIDES

2015 – Fan Participation in Cartoon Endings. Fan Studies Network. Norwhich, UK.

2014 – A Fan Study of Indie Games: Interpreting Gaming Capital in The Stanley Parable (Conference in Fan Studies). Fan Studies Network: Norwhich, UK.

2014 – Battlestar Galactica The Boardgame: Revisiting the TV Show Through Meaningful Play and Narrativity. Worldcon (Loncon 3): London.

2013 – Cosplay: Affective Reception in Fan Cultures (Conference in Fan Studies). Fan Studies Network: Norwhich, UK.

2013 – Cosplay: Material and Transmedial Culture in Play. (Defragging Game Studies). DiGRA: Atlanta.

2013 – Transmedia Play: The Possible Worlds of Firefly. Narrative Minds and Virtual Worlds: Tampere.

2013 – Cosplay: Embodied Affect. Oxford: Fan Studies Conference.

2012 – Where is the Love? Show me the Love! – Design Workshop and Panel Discussion on Game Love Culture & Aesthetics. (With Enevold, J., MacCallum-Stewart, E., Brown, A., Flynn-Jones, E. & Sturrock, I.) Under The Mask: Luton.

2012 – Global Conventioneers? Local Doujinshi and Cosplay scenes. European Fandom & Fan Studies Conference: Amsterdam.

2011 – ‘Can’t Stop The Signal?’ The Design of the Dutch Firefly LARP. (Think Design Play ed.). DiGRA : Hilversum.

2011 – BBC’s Sherlock Fans in Search of the Canon. Transforming Audiences: London.


Invited talks & lectures 

2018 – ‘Becoming a Character: Creativity, Storytelling and Costumes in World of Darkness’. Introduction to World of Darkness (Documentary). Imagine Film Festival. 18 April 2018. URL.

2017 – ‘Cosplay over Thirty’. Panel with several cosplayers including cosplayer and author Karen Heinrich, 10 June 2017.

2016 – ‘Making it Real: Cosplaying Video Games’. Gamefest, Computerspielemuseum: Berlin, April 22-25, 2016.

2016 – ‘Dragons in Neverending Story and Beyond’. Radboud Reflects. Special lecture series related to exhibition on dragons in Limburgs Museum.

2015 – Understanding Dress-Up in the Participatory Culture of Gaming. Invited lecture at Subotron, Vienna. November 27, 2015.

2015 – ‘Seksualiteit in Strips’. Go Get a Room, MU Eindhoven, April 23, 2015.

2014 – ‘Gender in Manga and Anime’. Klik!, Eye Amsterdam, November 1, 2015.

2014 – ‘Cosplay: Affect and Embodiment in Fan Cultures. Medienpraktiken des Reenactments. Siegen University, April 24-25, 2014.

2014 – ‘Sherlock Fandom. Literary Characters as Celebrities’. Research School for Literature, OSL. Literaire Celebrities. January 31, 2014.

2013 – ‘Heldhaftig: De Kracht van Karakters’. Festival Mooie Woorden.

2012 – ‘Gamification’. In Y-Community. Amsterdam: Nemo.

2012 – Game Design & Ehnography. Promotion UM for high school students.

2011 – Game design course. (With Van Dongen, J. & Leeuwenhart, R.) Abunai, 31 August.


Book reviews & edited blogs

2016 – ‘Game Play: Paratextuality in Board Games’, by Paul Booth. Journal of Fandom Studies, 4 (1), pp. 127-129.  

2016 – ‘Post-Object Fandom: Television, Identity and Self-Narrative’, by Rebecca Williams. Cinema Journal, 55 (3), pp. 171-175.

2015 – ‘Online Games, Social Narratives’, by Esther McCallum-Steward. Transformative Works and Cultures, 19. URL

2014 – ‘Manga’s Cultural Crossroads’, by Jaqueline Berndt and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer. Transformative Works and Cultures, 17. URL

2012 – Sherlock en het Transmediale Publiek. Crossmedialog. URL

2012 – Gamification: Meer dan Speelse Marketing. Crossmedialog. URL


Interviews and criticism

2017 – Hoe Harry Potter al twintig jaar een niet zo geheim gezelschap verovert. De Correspondent. URL

2016 – Overgewaaid uit Japan: Kattenoortjes veroveren de straat. RTL Nieuws. Video

2016 –In de Huid Kruipen van je Favoriete Anime-Karakter. Een Vandaag. URL

2015 – Ritchie, M. ‘Calgarian Cosplayers Say the Expense of Their Craft is Worth the Experience’. Calgary Journal (16 April). URL

2014 – Public speaker in the panels ‘Cosplay is Not Consent!’, ‘Cosplaying out of Type’, ‘Commercializing Fans’, ‘Worldbuilding through Music’, and ‘Game Love’. Worldcon (Loncon 3). London.

2014 – Vegterlo, A. “Minecraft”. NRC interview. URL

2012 – Stelling, T. “Manga in de Polder”. NRC interview. URL

2012 – Het is maar een spelletje! [television broadcast]. In Goeiemiddag Limburg. (5 March). Maastricht: L1.


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