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Productive Fandom

Productive Fandom  (2014) offers a media ethnography of fan cultures as they are lived – social, creative and felt spaces of productive reception. The study explores diverse fan spaces that range from fan conventions to online communities of play. Specifically, it details the cultures of Firefly fans, Sherlockians, Gleeks and cosplayers. The creative practices of fans – their writing, art and costumes – are analyzed as fans rewrite and embody the televisual tekst.

This book has been published by Maastricht University Press. Please mail for an electronic copy.



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Lamerichs, N. (2013). ‘The Cultural Dynamic of Doujinshi and Cosplay: Local Anime Fandom in Japan, The States and Europe’. In: Participations: Journal for Audience Studies, special issue on fandom (edited by Lucy Bennett and Tom Philips). PDF

Lamerichs, N. (2012). ‘Sherlock Abroad: Dutch fans interpret the famous detective’. In: Busse K. & Stein, L. Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom. Jefferson: McFarland, pp. 179-193. Google Books

Lamerichs, N. (2012). ‘The Mediation of Fandom in Karin Giphart’s Maak me blij‘. Transfor-mative Work and Cultures, 11. URL

Lamerichs, N. (2012). Selected Entries, ‘Fandom’ and ‘Pervasive Games’. In Mark J.P. Wolf (Ed.) The Video Game Encyclopedia, Greenwood Press. Google Books

Lamerichs, N. (2011). Stranger than Fiction: Fan Identity in Cosplay. Transformative Work and Cultures, 7. URL

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