Life after PhD: Podcast and Resources

Ever wondered about life after your PhD? There are so many options beyond working at traditional universities. In the podcast In Media Res, Bjorn Beijnon and I discuss working at applied universities & companies. An alternative academic (alt-ac) career might seem attractive, but how do you find the gigs and environment that is right for you? I share my experiences as a media studies scholar and consultant.

No matter where you are in your academic career, I hope that the advice in this podcast helps you. Too often we get caught in specific paths, positions and hierarchies, and forget the unique skills and knowledge that we have after our PhD. You can listen to the episode right here, and scroll down further for other academic self-help resources. If you want to talk more, don’t be a stranger. You can always contact me for a cup of coffee, real or virtual, to exchange some ideas!

Get more guidance and advice about (alternative) academic careers here:

  • * The Professor is in – An academic coaching company with great advice and resources, from blogs to webinars. I can recommend the lively and supportive Facebook community as well

    * PhD Career Stories – An engaging podcast with many guests from a wide range of disciplines, all eager to share their views on academic careers and possibilities

    * So What Am I Going to Do with That? Finding Careers Outside Academia – This is a helpful and light book about life after your PhD. It has many tips and tricks for using your skill set in other institutes and corporate environments. The first edition goes a while back, but I haven’t seen any other book like it

And don’t forget… look for the options that are right for you, and that make you grow!

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