Indie games sure have gone a long way in recent years. This Saturday I went to Hilversum to enjoy an indie game concert with music from Dear Esther, World of Goo, Journey, Swords & Sorcery and many other recent artful games.

2013-03-02 21.35.53

Seeing these titles performed – games in concert style – in The Netherland’s one and only media town was quite something. Joost van Dongen enthused the crowd first with a live performance of his critically acclaimed Cello Fortress first.  His prized cello functions as a controller that lets him twarth other players tanks with fire, explosions and heaps of anger but the key is, he needs to improvize a nice melody at all cost.

While it should be no surprise that the music from Dear Esther sounds absolutely fabulous when performed by a live orchestra, the 8-bit music or  the ambient Machinarium soundtrack translated well too. Especially the medley of Journey was a quality mix, introduced by the composer himself through a video. As far as I know, this concert was the first of its kind and I look forward to seeing many more.